Thursday, July 7, 2011

Little Looster Review

When I came across the Little Looster , I couldn't help but think wow that would make a huge difference in my house. Not only because I have toddlers but also because as a daycare owner I am responsible to potty train children of lots of ages, and a safe experiment for them, regular step stools are easy to tip over, and have the potential to really hurt the child.

As soon as I received out Little Looster, I opened the box, and placed it in the bathroom, and my 4 year old loves that she can reach now instead of dangling, and my son likes it even though he's not ready to potty train just yet.
image description

My bathroom that gets the most use is really small, but since the Little Looster  fits against the toilet it fits nicely, and my husband and I find it just as easy to use the bathroom as before we put it in.  

I love how easy it is to clean, between the kids, and everyday dirt the collects,  I love the fact I can just wipe it off and it's clean again.



s said...

This does look much safer than my little one's current step stool. Thanks for sharing.

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