Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shoulder Buddies Review and Giveaway US only Ends 7/28

Shoulder Buddies

Shoulder Buddies are collectible friends that kids love to wear! But they're more than just cute... each Shoulder Buddies "Smarts" character teaches kids a special life lesson, from Friendship to Fire Safety. The Magical Coin lets kids wear Shoulder Buddies on their shirt, hat, hair and more! Kids can take Shoulder Buddies and their "Smarts" with them wherever they go!
( ok so now onto the cute story about Shoulder Buddies)

The Shoulder Buddy Smarts come from a magical wishing star, and inside that star is the Land of Understand. Shoulder Buddies go to the "School of Smarts" so they can earn their Fluffles on top of their head to fly. Once they have learned their "Smarts" they fly down from the Land of Understand and look for a Buddy to journey with and share their "Smarts".

Just call us Shoulder Buddies from the Land of Understand,
Breezin' through the skies, looking to land. Each one of us has a special "Smart," A wonderful message that comes from our heart. We want to share our "Smarts" with you, So you can reveal your "Smarts" too! Take us along everywhere you go... On your shoulders, hair and hats you know! Collect us, trade us, and give us a home! Let's journey together... wherever you roam!

We received 3 Shoulder buddies, and my kids love them. 
My son likes to wear Cents, although Z is only two He still has to be just like this big sisters, and since I watch him closely we let him wear it. would you believe it lives up to standards of saying it's secure when you attach the " magic coin" it with withstand him running around for the most part.

My girls each received  Ace 
 Thankfully no fighting over who got what. It's amazing how much the girls love them, and ask to wear them daily. They have worn them on their shoulders, and  sometimes just for fun they will put them on their tummys, which believe it or not the Shoulder buddies will stay.
They are also super easy to attach 

Attaching Shoulder Buddy Attaching Shoulder Buddy
Place the Magical Coin smooth side up underneath your shirt and position on your shoulder.
Attaching Shoulder Buddy
Place the Shoulder Buddy on the outside of your shirt where the coin is positioned and the magnet inside the Shoulder Buddy will connect with the coin underneath your shirt.
Attaching Shoulder Buddy
Make sure the Shoulder Buddies are sitting straight up on your shoulder and not hanging down. They like to see what's going on :)

Buy them Here or look here for stores near you.

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