Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mat Review

We are a community of friends that have been involved in the health food industry, preventive medicine and human potential movement for 35 years. We love to play, dream & share. Our  dream is that the Spoonk™ Acupressure Massage Mat will create more energy and inspiration in our lives, so we can create the life we want to live & the world we want to belong to.  Welcome to the world of Spoonk!
Our name was inspired by Pippi Longstocking, the fictional children’s character who had superhuman strength, boundless energy and a love for life. "Spoonk" is our version of "spunk," a word Pippi created. We invite you to find your SPOONK with Spoonk™ Mat.

Reading this made me smile, because I am old enough to remember and to have watched Pippi Longstocking on TV as a child., she wasn't the small child you see in the video on the Spoonk Space Page, but the teenage version shown in this photo.

Ok now on to what I came on here to tell you, lack of sleep has be wondering with my thoughts this morning. Spoonk Space, what a great idea, and a welcome to my evening routine.  Because I am always on the move between the kids, and the house, I feel like I'm forever running around, so at the end of the day you would think I would be so tired I would collapse right well not my luck. Some nights  I toss and turn all night long, and others I just can't sleep and get up to find something else to do.

When my Spook Space Mat arrived, I couldn't wait to open it up, upon my opening the package and laying it out of the floor to examine, my darling husband looked at me like I am insane, and informed me, that looks very painful, I am very happy to tell you this is untrue. I laid down on the mat to test it our, now when I did this I was fully clothed. Which meant I felt nothing. no spikes and not really relaxed, so later on I tried it with out my shirt, and boy did it relax me.
Midnight Blue Spoonk Mat
Now being open minded was defiantly a must with this because if you poke the points with your finger it can hurt, and they are sharp, but when used properly can really help with back pain, stress, insomnia, and even a headache. I keep mine in the living room rolled up into the little bag, but can assure you that I will be taking my Spoonk Space Mat with me on ever vacation.

I was sent the Midnight blue but The Rider mats come in 
 Saffron Red Spoonk Mat

Saffron Red
Sea Grass Green Spoonk Mat
Sea Grass Green
Terra Brown Spoonk Mat
Terra Brown
Magenta Sunset Spoonk Rider
Magenta Sunset
Pagoda Blue Spoonk Rider
Pagoda Blue

Most of the mats are made from 55% Organic Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton and sell for $79.00 but are well worth it.  You can purchase your own Spoonk Space Mat on their website here and a special offer just for you  those who "like" and comment on the Spoonk facebook page with the phrase "Real adventures from a mom of 3 sent us!"   will  be contacted with a $10 discount code for a hemp map of their own!



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I have the purple spoonkspace mat and just love it!

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