Friday, July 22, 2011

8 Petals Glass Jewelry Review

8 Petals was created by designer Toni Chirico, a passionate self-taught artist who embraces the artistic learning process. Rather than forcing designs, she gently guides her materials to create unique, bright, bold, wearable art with personality. Working exclusively with sustainable materials, the designs celebrate the whimsy and joy of the creative process.

Until a few months ago I had never heard of Glass Jewelry and the first thing that crossed my mind is how talented the artist who makes such jewelry must be. It is an original idea, and such pretty pieces. The colors really stand out, and another thing that I first thought was, Glass jewelry does it break super east? nope I do take care of mine, but I have had no issues with anything breaking. The pieces I received were from the spirit collection at 8 Petals.
Spirit Dark Red & White & Black
I absolutely LOVE it. The colors are so me, and it looks really good on, but best of all, it can look good with a Pair of jeans, and a nice top, or go great with a cocktail dress. The Spirit collection offers many "teams"
Just look at some of these great Necklaces, what a fashionable way to show your team support.

Spirit Bright Blue & Orange
Spirit Orange & Purple
Spirit Black & Dark Red

Check out these and many others right here, There are 17 different necklaces to choose from and each sells for $34.00.
 However that isn't all that 8 Petals has to offer why not pick up a pair of earrings to match.

Spirit Dark Red & White & Black
I know mine really complete the look, as I did also receive these beautiful earrings to go with my Spirit Collection Necklace. Each Pair sells for $20.00. 

Spirit Purple & SunflowerSpirit Dark Blue & White
Spirit Dark Blue & Sunflower
There is always the chance though that you don't like to wear jewelry well then these great belts are for you,  8 Petals offers 2 different styles.
Spirit Orange & Purple

 Spirit Geometric Belts

Spirit Dark Red & White & Black

Spirit Flower Belts

Head on over and take a look around their website, I promise your sure to find something you will love.


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