Friday, July 8, 2011

Mixology Mineral Make Up Review

Mixology is the healthy makeup alternative that will help improve the quality of your skin giving you a radiant look without damaging ingredients! Pure Mineral Makeup FREE of bismuth, carmine, chemicals, synthetic dyes, parabens, & preservatives. Vegan friendly, virtually water resistant, perfect for sensitive skin with acne or rosacea. Won't clog pores so your skin can breathe!  Don't miss out on this exciting line!
Ingredients we use in our products are; Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc, Silica, Serecite, Kaolin Clay, French Green Clay, Allantoin, & Ultra Marine Blue.
     My love of makeup started when I was about 6 years old. My babysitter was a makeup artist with all boys and NO girls! So, I got enlisted in makeup boot camp! I learned early how to put on my lip liner without a mirror, try it, it's NOT easy. Eventually I was hooked and I continued in theatre, film, weddings, and anything other event people would let me do makeup for. A few years back I looked into starting a makeup line and discovered that having a company make and package it is very expensive. At those prices, I wouldn't even buy my makeup! So began the research and the learning process of making mineral makeup and Mixology was born! I also am a sensitive skin freak (I don't use the term lightly) and never wore foundations because it made me break out, this spurred me on in my makeup quest for something I could  create to actually improve my skin! I am in love with what I do and I hope you will be too!

Mixology make up is a pure alternative to store brands, which I have never had good luck with. When I was a teenager I found that the make up I used to cover up my problematic skin, really only made it worse. I still have this problem with some of the make up I've tried including mineral foundations, and I actually can't use soy make ups.  

Mixology offers 75 colors for eyes alone, just look at the variety 

11 colors of Blush

19 colors for your face

Mixology even offers Eco brushes.

I love how easily the make up is to apply, and doesn't wear off by the end of the day. It didn't last as brightly as i'd hoped until night but still longer then I first expected.  I was really happy with how well it blended together for that perfect look. Would I buy Mixology probably because of the great texture and mix ability. would I recommend Mixology for the beginner maybe not, but if your local to Phoenix, Az  the women behind Mixology  offer classes . Head over and take a look around today.



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