Friday, July 8, 2011

Aromago Review

Aromago, Inc.
Aromago is the first truly on-the-go essential oil aromatherapy! Allow us to explain. Essential oils are nothing new. Their use is recorded throughout history and across cultures ranging from ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, to Queens of England, to spiritual practitioners in Asia and yogis in India. As Westerners increasingly look to nature for holistic ways to improve the human condition, aromatherapy practices are becoming more and more popular. Eastern wisdom and Western science tend to agree that essential oil aromatherapy is a natural way to improve mood, increase cognitive function, and treat ailments. But what are essential oils? In brief, they are the “essence” of a plant (flower, leaf, stick, etc.); extracted through a distillation process that removes the “essence” of the plant.
Aromago’s goal is to deliver the benefits of essential oils in a convenient and pleasant form. Utilizing our unique stick, we offer a fresh and effective way to help the modern person focus, relax, breathe, wake-up, enjoy, live, love, and return to the present moment.
Aromago’s blends of all natural essential oils designed and developed in the United States under strict regulatory procedures. While we are not able to guarantee or suggest our blend of essential oils will result in the cure or treatment of any disease, check out some of the expansive research on the benefits of the essential oils we’re using. In brief, you’ll find that they have countless benefits for immunity, energy, sense enhancement, and many other benefits. The ability to take Aromago with you means you can use it in the car, on a walk, in your office, in the bathroom, at the gym, etc.
Whereas before sense enhancement was restricted to osmotic transfer through the air with instruments like candles and sprays, now you can deliver an all natural treatment directly to your respiratory system. Breathe deep. Breathe happy. Breathe Aromago.

As a mother of 3, and wife to a wonderful husband who works full time and is also a college student sometimes life is very stressful for me. I have tried a few things to try and relax but have not found anything that really works.  I also have never found anything that helps me to have more energy either.  I will not  try energy drinks like Red bull or 5 hour energy.   I got to try out Aromago Relax stick and Aromago revive stick.
Revive Stick
The Revive blend boasts a variety of excellent purposes:  an invigorating sense of refreshment that combats sleepiness, apathy, and stress; eucalyptus’ soothing relief for sinusitis, colds, & allergies; peppermint’s cooling relief for headaches and migraines; and the antimicrobial properties of all three oils for an added line of defense during cold & flu season.And, of course- “aromatherapy on-the-go” for your pleasure and protection from unpleasant smell.
Are you tired, stressed, or in need of a refreshing deep breath? Bring yourself back to life with Aromago Revive! Revive is a two-sided inhaler & applicator with an essential oil blend derived from ancient recipe of peppermint, eucalyptus, borneol, and camphor.  Revive is a uniquely engaging and superbly refreshing olfactory experience.

The Revive stick has two parts one you smell, and the other you apply to the skin. well I did feel more awake after smelling the revive but had a skin reaction to the application part so I have not tried it since. I believe it just me thou that the irritation developed on.

Relax Stick
The essential oils in Relax can be used for relief of stress and tension in mind and body, to help you get to sleep after a long day, for the anti-microbial properties of lavender, and the anti-oxidant qualities of vanilla.
When it comes time to kick back, unwind, and release the rigors of the daily grind in one deep sigh make sure to let a dab of Aromago Relax lead the way to inner tranquility. Relax has natural lavender oil and natural vanilla extract with minty undertones that help to evoke the essence of tranquility.

After trying out the Revive I decided not to test out the Relax stick but just used the part meant to smell, but it really did help me to unwind, and maybe even sleep a little better, because I was actually relaxing.


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