Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smarti Pants Review

Smartipants was the vision of a mommy of four who was constantly looking for an economical, yet easy to use cloth diapering system. She actually was the inventor of the first ever one size fits all pocket diaper called Wonderoos, maybe you have heard of them? She has since left Wonderoos and joined the Smartipants team and we are extremely happy she did!
As a company Smartipants is committed to making cloth diapering not only easy, but affordable. Our mission is to provide smart parents with smart solutions. We are dedicated to being 100% green, environmentally friendly, economical, and determined to keep our diapers proudly made by mothers in the United States of America!
We have a facility with over 7 years of diaper making experience and look forward to changing the world one smart parent at a time.

SmartiPants are wonderful, I love how easy they are to put on and take off, and stuffing them is just as easy. because the pocket has 2 openings it takes all the hard work out of it.  I also am thrilled with how happy the fit is, and how trim the diaper is, I don't find it to be bulky at all, which is nice because I love my son's clothes and would hate to have to buy him bigger sizes. 

I also love the fact the I don't have to take out the insert before throwing it in the washer because truth be told the worst part of cloth diapering for me is touching the dirty inserts. I am super quick to do diaper laundry, as I hate the smell when I let them sit, but the Fire Engine red SmartiPants diaper I received has a white inner,and minutes after putting it on my sweet little boy pooed in it, but thankfully I did not have to touch the insert,and it came clean with the first wash. I love that fact, and I defiantly  love the SmartiPants diapers.
We have no leaks at all with this diaper, and my son will complain if his diaper fits him, but is to bulky inside no matter how trim it is on the outside, when he gets his own diaper this is the one he usually grabs, and it is so easy to use. Z is 34 inches tall, and about 28 lbs and still has 3 snap settings to go before he outgrows his Smartipants.

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