Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zac Bars Review

Zac Bar products are natural in their entirety. We bake them with care at our family bakery in the Pacific Northwest with the goal of providing all of the convenience and good taste of an on-the-go snack, while skipping the high-fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients.
Zac Bars were created as the solution to a problem for owner Tom Fitzgerald. Tom had been providing fresh baked cookies to local public schools for almost ten years when rules regarding school meals began to rapidly change.
National attention began to turn to subjects such as childhood obesity, school nutrition, and revising outdated and neglected federal food regulations. Tom sensed big change coming. He knew it would not be long before his home-style cookies were forbidden for use in school meals.
It was clear to Tom that he needed a snack bar product. He used fresh ingredients already at his disposal, a vision for what he thought would taste good. Tom spent his weekends and late nights experimenting with different baking formulas.
Finally, the Zac Omega bar was created. Tom took the a chewy outer biscuit made of rolled oats, whole grain wheat flour and flax seed flour and filled it with all natural fruit jam.
Tom’s excitement and continual improvements to his products was contagious. Moms were elated to have a natural and wholesome snack that their children would enjoy eating. Schools, seeing the response from students, were enthusiastic about making such an easy snack option available.
Zac Bars Inc. continues at the pace that Tom has set. We continually work to evaluate and improve on the products we offer. We will always stick to what we know best – snacks that are all natural, tasty and honest.
When I was asked to review Zac Bars How could I say no?  After all they share a name with my son Z also known as Zachery.  There is also the fact that my kids, love to eat cereal bars, Granola Bars,and fruit bars so I was sure my kids would love to eat these.  We got to try out a whole bunch of the great flavors that Zac Bars come in.. First up is the Zac Attack Bars
Apple Zac Attack Bar
Natural apple spice flavoring adds sweet nutmeg and cinnamon notes to the tartness of the apple filling. Soft molasses keeps the flax seed flour and whole-wheat flour biscuit soft. Like all Zac Attack snack bars, this snack is 100% whole grain! Grab a Zac Attack bar when you need a smaller, quicker pick-me-up!

Strawberry Zac Attack Bars
A fan favorite! Our custom strawberry jam gives this chewy snack bar great balanced taste. The chewy outer biscuit is sweetened with molasses, brown sugar and honey. Like all Zac Attack snack bars, this snack is 100% whole grain!

I gave the kids these during snack time one day... and even my picky eaters loved them, no complaints at all, which is a big compliment from my lovely children.
My son actually asked me for more... I absolutely love the fact that it's healthy as well as yummy for them.
Now for the Zac Omega Bars
HoneyOat ApplePie
The Pacific Northwest is famous for its apples, and that is what we use in our Honey Oat Apple Zac Omega bar. Our custom blend of spices bring out this bar's natural sweet and tangy apple notes for a snack that is reminiscent of apple pie.
Marion Berry Bar
A Marionberry is Oregon's own version of a blackberry. These berries are well suited to Oregon's maritime climate and warm summers, producing a berry that carries the full flavor and sweetness of a traditional blackberry with the added tartness of a raspberry. We invite you try this unique flavor for yourself!

Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam 
Remember warm summer days, lemonaid and mom's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off? Our most substantial bar, Zac Omega Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam is an excellent snack, whether you are packing a sack lunch or need some energy while cycling a half century.

Honey Oat Raspberry 
Oregon grown raspberries lend a perfect and unmistakeable blend of sweetness and tartness to this Zac Omega bar. As with all Zac Omega bars, this snack bar is high in fiber, protein and ALA Omega-3 fatty acids. When you pick up a Zac Omega bar, you've made a great choice!

Honey Oat Strawberry
Zac Omega Strawberry bars are easy to eat! Our home-style strawberry jam keeps the wheat and flaxseed flour buscuit chewy and moist. Because we don't use artificial colors or preservatives, the sweet, oaty taste that lingers will leave you satisfied and ready to get going.

A great pick me up for that middle of the afternoon snack craving.. or maybe a quick item to take on that early morning hike for an energy boost check out Zac Bars 



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