Monday, July 25, 2011

Plasma Car review

Plasma Car is made by a company called PlaSmart,and I wanted to share a little about them with you...
With distribution and marketing rights secured in North America, the Fun Car was renamed the PlasmaCar (a name borrowed by Kimber from the world of consumer electronics where the hottest "toy" for adults was the Plasma TV) and within a month PlaSmart Inc. was born.
With a line of innovative, time-honored toys that have become a staple in many homes as well as a team that strongly believes in the emphasis on product support and exceptional customer service, PlaSmart Inc. has secured its well-earned and admirable reputation in the Toy Industry around the world.PlaSmart is also very active in the community and often participates in auctions and fundraisers through its time and generous donations.
A Canadian-based distributor of children's toys, PlaSmart Inc. was introduced to the toy industry in 2003. With a vision that is honest and uncomplicated and an internal philosophy to under promise and over deliver, in a few short years PlaSmart Inc. expanded internationally with distribution on five continents and more than 60 countries.
Smart, simple toys. PlaSmart chooses products that are smart, simple, fun and unique and we avoid electronic toys and toys that are complicated to understand or operate. We continue to seek unique, one-of-a-kind toys that meet this smart and simple philosophy.In addition to our smart, simple toys philosophy, we have an internal belief of "under promising and over delivering" to our retail partners with regards to products. Although there is an expectation to continually introduce new products, we resist the pull to add items for the sake of showing retailers something new. We focus on delivering products that offer a unique value for retailers and their customers alike.
In 2009, with an astounding growth of 3702% within a 5 year period, PROFIT Magazine named PlaSmart Inc, the 13th Fastest-Growing Company in Canada in the annual PROFIT 100 ranking of Canada's fastest growing companies. And in 2010, they were named the 8th fastest growing company – representing and underscoring the significant increase in demand, both domestically and globally, for their award-winning line of unique products. And also "a testament to the dedication and work ethic, staff and our retail and supplier partners" says Tim Kimber, founder and CEO of PlaSmart Inc.
While strolling through an Ottawa shopping centre in early December 2002, Tim Kimber, then the owner of an ecommerce business selling high-end crystal figurines, happened upon a group of children test-driving an unknown ride-on vehicle, then called the Fun Car. Fascinated by the fact that this car did not require any batteries or pedals and was propelled by turning the steering wheel back and forth, Kimber located the seller of this unique item and began negotiating.
Now that you know a little about the company let me tell you how much fun we have had with our new Plasma Car. As soon as it arrived, I took it out and waited for my husband to arrive home from work to show him, and have him attach the wheels.  The wheels do go on easy but we keep the tools in the garage and I didn't want to take the kids out to the every unorganized garage that day. so He got him put it together which was super easy and quick and outside we went.
Now my children range in age from 2- 8 and my sister who is 15 happened to be here, so we all got a turn, I was amazed that the Plasma Car has such a high weight limit, but so thankful we could try it, because I would have hated to miss out on all the fun.
I am all for getting the kids outside to play, but get very annoyed at the fact that even with bikes, balls, bubbles, and sandbox and a swing set, by children never stop complaining until now that there was nothing to do... even my 4 year old will ride it around the garage while we take the dog out.
Plasma Car Red
It is so very easy to use, and the Plasma Car will also provide you child with hours of entertainment. It looked like so much fun even the teenagers that live next door came to join in the fun, and my husbands friend who showed up joined in to. I can already tell this may be something I will have to buy a couple more of so we can all play with out having to wait so long for a turn. 
I can completely see why the Plasma Car has won so many awards, and had such great success . Would you like to try one of these very neat cars out for your self? then head on over to Here and find a store near you.








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