Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monave Make up Review

Monave started as a little seed...a dream to make makeup by  hand,   with simple ingredients. The seed also had the expectation that the products had to be high-quality, high-performance. I grew up working in health food stores, and much of the natural makeup wasn't very good. I didn't want Monave to be just another so-so natural makeup brand. As my little tree grew, so did my dream. It started to extend into the realm of developing and nurturing other women's ability and knowledge to create and sell their own makeup line. Some say that creates competition, but truly, the root of the tree lies in what is given away, not what is held tight.

I have tried out many mineral makeups over the last year, and I really love some, and others I don't really like to use anymore.  I will make a post in the future about that, but for now let me tell you all about my experience with Monave Make Up

I got to choose 4 things from a few different categories for review, and let me tell you some of them have become my absolute favorite to carry in my make up bag. I believe now though that my eyes are super sensitive to mineral Eye Liners and Mascaras, because when ever I attempt to wear them my eyes burn, but I know it is just me, and not the product because we sharpened the pencil and let someone else try it and loves it. 

First up is the wonderful loose powder foundation in Ashlie.
This shade has been resurrected for the very lightest of skin tones. It has a pink undertone, and is perfect for those who find Claire too dark.

This is only the 2nd foundation ever to not be to dark for me. I love that fact to with the pink undertone it gives me cheeks a natural blush look, so it doesn't look like I have any makeup on at all. what could be better?
It feels super light on
It blends sooo easy
It hasn't caused be to breakout

3 reasons right there I love it. I am sure you will to.

Next in line is the Sugar Lip Glaze

Light silver frost, used alone to sparkle, or perfect as a topcoat
it is very sheer and in the photo looks so lite it's hard to see, but I can't do dark colors, and color matching with my red hair isn't always easy.  This gives just a slightly shiny look with a little glitter, but nothing to flashy.

The Smoke Eye Liner is the one thing that saddens me to have to tell you, it didn't work for me, because of my sensitivity to something in mineral eye liners,and mascaras. 

I got to try the Eyeliner in smoke, and it looked great on, and went on very smoothly, I  just couldn't wear it long.

and last but defiantly not the least and maybe my most favorite product of them all is a versatile powder that really has a few uses, I have used it to lighten my eye shadow, and help cover a break out, it works great for a few different things, and am kinds sad I can't find the product on the Monave site anymore to share a link with you. 



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