Thursday, July 28, 2011

Isn't this Cleaver Chic Sac Review and Giveaway Us Only ends 7/28


Isn’t This Clever is the brainchild of the group here at Just P.A.T., Inc.  Just P.A.T. stands for "Just Patents & Trademarks" and that’s what we're about.  Our website focuses on unique and clever products invented by everyday people. We want to make sure that people with extraordinary products get the undivided attention they deserve within the marketplace. 
As a result, provides customers with a variety of unique products.  We also offer fast shipping & friendly customer service because we know how important that is to gaining a loyal customer base and selling a product - even very clever ones!  In addition, we select our merchandise offerings only after careful review because we believe in keeping a high standard of quality so our customers will continue to trust us.

We have all seen the new Reusable bags, that have become very popular, I know we have a few around here that have been picked up from several different places, but they are plain, one color, and no fun prints. The one reusable bag I love is a messenger bag that doubles as my diaper bag .  Well that all changed when I received the Chic Sac. 

The Chic Sac is a great reusable nylon bag to take to the market, park, library, mall, and so many other places. It comes in a small pouch for easy storage and when taken out becomes a 25”X17” sturdy fashionable bag.

I did receive this Safari Chic Sac and I love the print,  it's fun, and  playful. It's great for many uses, my daughters have used to it pack stuff in the car for a long car drive, I have used it for a few things, a few small things at the grocery store, so I didn't need one of those plastic bags. It's super nice to throw in my " purse" to keep with me because you never know when you'll need a bag, and the fact it fold up so small into it's own little bag keeping it neat and tidy. One thing I have to give then credit for is that it's one of the few things I own that will go back into the package with little work. no spending an hour trying to fit in back in just fold it up slid it back into the bag and snap. so easy.

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