Friday, July 15, 2011

GO Green Pocket Diaper Review

We have had are GO Green Pocket diaper for a couple weeks now, and absolutely love it, the fit is great, and my son likes it far more then any of his other diapers.  I like the ease of stuffing just snap it and make sure it's flat in the pocket, but this is super easy because it has openings on both ends. My son is not a heavy wetter, but it doesn great with  keeping messes in.

My son has developed this habit of pooing in his white inside diapers. which made me  wonder how badly it would stain, but after a couple washes and a dry in the sun the inside of the diaper and the insert are both white as they were brand new. 
I think the champ 2.0  may be the trimmest diaper we own, and that is a wonderful feature. I still do use sposies sometimes but I really like cloth. I am afraid to go out in cloth yet, and we don't use it at night, but I think this diaper would be great for night time should I change my mind this will be the one diaper I would full trust to not leak.

The Champ 2.0 comes in a variety of designs, and colors.
I received 
The Tripping Billy Print and my son 's favorite color is Orange so it's perfect. Overall I would totally recommend the Champ GO Green Pocket Diaper to anyone wanting to cloth diaper their child. 
Here is a detailed photo of The Champ.

just for fun here is a picture although he wouldn't sit still at all of Z in his Champ.



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