Thursday, July 28, 2011

Soup Day by Melissa Iwai

soup day
Soup Day was Written and Illustrated by  Melissa Iwai. I really enjoyed reading this book with my kids.. it was a very fun read because, it shows just how much fun, and how easy it can be to let your children help you in the kitchen. I allow my children to help me in the kitchen but this book made me think of a really fun recipe to try out. Because it's the middle of the summer here in Michigan and we have temps in the high 80's and and 90's so it's much to hot to cook anything that takes a while. 

The Book tells you all about going to get the ingredients, what to do with them, and most importantly the fact that the mother was spending quality time with her child while the soup cooked.  So many of us get wrapped up with our day to day life... and maybe don't spend quite as much quality time... playing games, drawing or even reading , instead of putting them in front of the TV or hand held video game so you can get  things done. This book reminded me that our children only grow up way to fast, and they aren't going to remember the hours you spent cleaning, or working.. they will take with them and treasure the memories of baking, and coloring, even playing tag in the yard. 

I would highly recommend this book 
Soup Day is available at for $10.79



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