Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wreckingbalm Review and Giveaway

Almost everyone knows someone who went out in a drunken moment got a tattoo or tattooed a boyfriend or girlfriends name on them. I know tattoos are permanent and there is no real way to get rid of them that doesn't cost a ton or require surgery until now...

WreckingBalm is a Tattoo fading system that I got the chance to try out on my brother in law... he went out and got a tattoo on his right shoulder of a cross with a girls name in it. I understand at the time he may have thought it forever but now... it's just a reminder of what wasn't meant to be. 

Now when he mentioned WreckingBalm a few months ago I have no idea what it was never heard of it, but once he explained it to me, I thought it was kinda neat.The thought that maybe it wouldn't work also crosses my mind, and two months into the test... well the tattoo is fading slightly but still here and readable. 

Directions so say 2-10 months for results though so I am not worried, and after all a little change is still a change. I have faith that it will work. I will show you all a photo of the tattoo after the 10 month mark or it's good and faded enough to be filled in.

We have this great routine that he comes over to my house everyday and I apply either the  Hydravescent Cream or  I add a quarter size amount of Suffusion Gel  to the DemoMatic with the Erosion Head placed and  we set a clock for 1 minute and I sand him. I did at first question weather or not I should apply a lot or a little pressure but I think we are now have it down pat. 

after about 6 weeks though we noticed the pad in the Erosion head started to slide around and then slid off, so I would say they should maybe include 2 erosion heads in every kit instead of just one.

Overall I have to say at this point Wreckingbalm is  at least worth a try if you have a tattoo you are no longer wanting. I will add photos when I notice more and more of a change but right now the     pictures I have show no real change, in person it's more noticeable.


Disclosure :
I was provided with one of more of the following products free of charge for the purpose, of this review. 


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