Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adult Post 18+

This review contains Links that are not appropriate for anyone under 18.
I have recently joined Edenfantasys's blogger review program. Please understand that I will attempt to keep all photos PG rates. I still highly recommend you do not open this in front of children.

Sex toys store

I love doing these reviews, because I get to tell my readers about things that some may not be so open about. I also try to keep it classy. Edenfantasys has an amazing selection of adult products, and as I have shared with you before the selection of lingerie  this month I was just in the mood for something sexy, and I love this red babydoll:
Red babydoll and g-string - Babydoll and panty set
I love that is conceals enough I can feel sexy, instead of insecure and the fact it has been years since I owned  anything like this made me all the more exited to try it on. The quality is great, and one feature I adore is the straps are removable!!!!! Maybe you'd like something a little more.... revealing?
French maid babydoll - Costume
Maybe a french maid?

Lace and mesh babydoll with g-string - Babydoll and panty set
Lace and Mesh what a cute mix.

The other reason I love Edenfantasys because they also offer great deals, and every time I go onto the site I see even better deals, and new things on sale.  Head over and check them out...
One thing I am hoping to try really soon  is 

Just one of the pieces from Liberator Edenfantasys offer I can't show you them all so if you want to see more head on over there!


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