Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adult Post 18+ Review

If you are under the age of 18 you are not invited to  read this post and I ask that you close this post right now. If you are over 18 please keep reading if you wish but please understand this post is about an adult website and about an adult toy.

Curious? Check out our How-to article for the Babeland Silicone Smart Balls.
Strengthen your PC muscles (and your orgasms, while you're at it) with our very own Babeland Silicone Smart Balls. Choose from either the Single or Double model, or buy them both for a two-step pathway to more powerful orgasms and G-spot pleasures. First-timers may want to start with the Single design, perfect for tuning into vaginal sensation or for vaginal dilation/stretching, and then graduate to the Double design. Just insert one or two balls, squeeze them with your vaginal muscles, and tug gently on the cord for resistance exercise. Water-resistant. Colors may vary.

Photo of Babeland Silicone Smart Balls
Smartballs are a great idea to really help to improve the strength of your vaginal muscles, and really help make sexual sensations stronger. After 3 kids my muscles are not what they used to be when I was 18 and first with my husband. There are things I used to be able to do, that I realized I just wasn't capable of anymore, in the bedroom and for me this was awful.... so after a couple weeks even I am proud to say I have noticed a difference with just a few times a week, and a few minutes each time. I love my smart ball.

They also come in
Photo of Babeland Silicone Smart Balls
Double SmartBalls.... I would think these would be more appropriate for  use as a 2 part pathway. Smartballs  are a great and affordable way to get those muscles back in shape. with a $26 dollar price tag for the single, and a $30 dollar price tag for the double Babeland silicone Smartballs are a great price, and well worth it.


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