Monday, September 5, 2011

Ice Huggy Review

What exactly is an Ice Huggy? well in my house it's a great thing to have.  Have you ever bought those freezer pops that come in a mesh bag, and they are long, and thin, and come in plastic? I do every summer, and my kids always complain they are to cold on their little hands, but thankfully Ice Huggy came to our rescue.

Easy to use, and they have stopped my kids from complaining about how cold the icee is. The other great thing about the Ice Huggy is that you can fold them down when the Popsicle gets short enough, so the kids still won't have to touch the cold icee on their bare hands.  I really think I will have to buy more of these, so I can have one for all 3 of my kids. 
The Ice Huggy defiantly beats handing the kids a washcloth, or going through paper towel so quickly. Defiantly worth the 5 dollars for a 2 pack.
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