Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Earth Monkeys Review and Giveaway Us only ends 9/23

Babies and Toddlers need gear of all kinda depending on the age of the child, but one thing I have never seen the logic behind was throw away bibs, and changing pads. I also hated the fact when my child took a pacifier it never failed It would have something on it, a crumb, or dust something from being shoved in a pocket of the diaper bag, and it really made  me rethink what to do with it. 

EarthMonkeys is a company that makes Eco-Friendly items, and they are also easy to find so you don't misplace them. I end up changing my son in restaurants, out in the yard, and at my in laws often, and I like to put something under him, I have many changing pads, but really don't use them because I really hate the fact I have to dig out a diaper, the wipes container,and then find a changing pad, so I end up just using a blanket, that in turn means I have to wash it.

So when I saw EarthMonkeys had the perfect idea......
Simeon Porta-Pad: Green
Not only are they Eco Friendly and Cute, but they also fold up into a very small bag
The porta-pad folds into this attached bag measuring approx. 4.5 " x 3.25"

and although you can't see it each bag has a carabiner on it.

Baby Shower Set: Bib, Paci-Pack, Porta-Pad AND Gift Wrapping

to solve the other problem of never having a bib on the go
Simeon Bib: Green
EarthMonkeys also has bibs that fold up tiny....
Bib folds into this attached bag measuring approx. 4.25" x 2.5"
also with a carabiner to attach to any diaper bag. 

One more awesome fix is the Paci-Packs, which allow you to keep your baby's paci at easy reach
Simeon Paci-Pack: Blue
Great idea ladies!!!

One lucky RAFAMO3 follower will win a set of their choosing.



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