Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kidlandia Review

Kidlandia personalized maps a unique personalized gift idea for kids and families
The founder of Kidlandia, illustrator and entrepreneur Brian Backus, has been living in a fantasy world of maps and monsters since he was a very little boy.
Kidlandia grew out of Brian’s 2004 concept to create personalized maps of imaginary kingdoms for children’s rooms. He believed that by providing children their own kingdoms, with friendly monsters as companions, kids would gain an increased sense of confidence, control, and self-worth. In addition, by naming the cities, islands, and other features of the kingdoms after family and friends, kids would feel more connected to those who love them. Brian, who produced educational multimedia titles for Disney and Voyager, was also intrigued by the idea that by engaging kids in namesake kingdoms, he could motivate them to understand maps, and accelerate reading skills.
Although the maps cost up to $2,000 and were only sold by word of mouth, Brian could not keep up with demand. He received consistent feedback that the maps were among the favorite gifts of a lifetime. In response to this encouragement, he determined to make the maps more widely available, and at affordable prices. Kidlandia was born.
Today, Kidlandia is comprised of a team of talented engineers, designers, and business professionals. Kidlandiandia team members share a passion to bring delight and meaning to the lives of children and their families. 2.5% of Kidlandia’s founding stock has been set aside as the basis for a future charitable Foundation benefiting children.

NICK_PC_Dora-Fairytaleland copy
I love the idea Kidlandia allows you to take many items and personalize them for you child. I choose to have this pillow case personalized to say Zachery Land. He loves it, and that makes me happy. I also love that I could have designed a blanket to match

NICK_BL_Dora-Fairytaleland copy
Or  a puzzle
Kidlandia offers placemats,

Even wall art

Over all Kidlandia is a great place to buy personalized children's products, and they even offer Characters like Dora, The Disney princesses, and Cars.



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I think I like the idea of place mats!

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