Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whomp Charmz Review.

Well, it all came together on a hot Summer afternoon in Kansas City. Nine kids surrounded by piles of shaped bands; collecting, trading and sharing. Their parents – three friends – had a brilliant idea: wouldn’t it be great if these bandz had accessories? And what if they were multi-purpose? Hey, charmz are erasers too! But they didn’t want to create something that was going to eventually become landfill. Perhaps the best part about charmz is that they are biodegradable.
So it began…these three friends from the Midwest started Whomp! Charmz™ LLC, and made charmz a reality.

We've all heard of silly bands I'm sure, my kids love them, and I know my daughter friends are all very into them to. The shaped rubber bands are even more fun when you add 

Click for details about Manic Monkeys charms
Manic Monkeys
Click for details about Pond Pals charms

weather you add one or the whole pack of Whomp Charmz,  it brings even more fun.

Maybe you would prefer to have
Click for details about Chomp Dogs charms

Click for details about Sassy Kittys charms

then check out Whomp Charmz today.
Click to see details about bleeps & bots charms for bands



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