Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crazy Dog tee Shirts

I can honestly say I have never walked down the street saw someone's shirt  with a picture and an rude comment and thought, Hey I want one of these. I have however come across a website that although they carry the Rude shirts they also carry some really awesome shirts to... 
Take the David and Goliath Line of Fabric, I love it and there is a couple I really have thought wow if only those were shirts.... well Now they are! 
Cupcakes Kill T Shirt
One Tough Cookie Shirt
Or even the Tough Cookie shirt

and my personal favorite...
Boys are stupid throw rocks at them t shirt
Because we all have those days..
Check out these and more great David and Goliath Tees

The shirt I received for review is something more for my husband though, since he was a kid in the 80 and still to this day loves...

Spiderman 100th Anniversary T Shirt
You will find this SpiderMan 100th anniversary addition shirt in the 80's shirts category.

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