Monday, June 27, 2011

Maximum Lash Review

Do you ever wish your eye lashes were longer or fuller? I know I have, my eyelashes are an ok length on a normal basis, but I wish they were longer.  Well now there is actually a way to make your own lashes grow with out a prescription. no more fake lashes, no more worrying about being self conscious.
MaximumLash Eyelash Conditioner
Maximum Lash is here. Applied to the outside of the lashes, Maximum lash is easy to apply.
Maximum lash is water-based, and safe for fake lashes, and, because it works by conditioning your lashes it may actually help you to keep them on. I myself do not use anything fake on my eyes, but after reading that on their site did feel it was something to share with you all. 

I have has Maximum Lash for a couple months now, and use it as often as I remember, but because I have 3 kids, and lately have been super tired, I haven't remembered to apply it every single night, so I haven't really noticed a change, I did start off doing good with it, and did start to see a change but now that summer is here the kids just wear me down.

Some users have reported a light tingling or itchiness the first few days of application. This will subside after approximately three days of use. If the tingling persists or is accompanied by redness or irritation, consult your doctor and discontinue use.

I did notice an itchy sensation when I used this sometimes but not always. I will tell you this though it burns horribly when it gets into your eyes. I did that only once, after rinsing it out well, the stinging went away, but I will never let that happen again.

Over all I would say that Maximum Lash is a great product if you would like longer lashes but does carry a $48.95 Price Tag, and according to the website that will last about 3 months. It could be cost effective but for someone who really wants to make your lashes grow, but in my honest thoughts, it's to much of a hassle for me.



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