Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale Review


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Most of us want to look are best.. and if you are like me still trying to lose that extra weight you gained from pregnancy or eating the wrong way, it really helps to have a good scale. there is nothing worse then thinking you lost 10 lbs and then learn your scale was off and you only lost 2. 

EatSmart™ Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale

The EatSmart Precision Premium Bathroom Scale has a thin profile and sophisticated look with a large non-slip platform that safely measures up to 400 lbs. With EatSmart's proprietary "step on" technology, there is no more "waking up" your scale by tapping or pressing buttons! The LCD display contains a cool-blue backlight, allowing for easy viewing even in the lowest lit areas of the bathroom or home.

  1. EatSmart "Step-On" Technology - Get instant readings! No more tapping scale to turn on.
  2. Large 3.5" LCD display with cool blue backlight - Easy to read from any distance.
  3. 4 High Precision Sensors - Consistent and accurate measurement
  4. Ultra thin, ergonomic design w/ durable aluminum/plastic base
  5. 2 Measurement Modes: Pounds / Kilos
  6. Graduation Increments of .2 lbs. / .1kg
  7. Max Weight: 400 lbs / 180 kgs
  8. Auto Calibrated; Includes 4 AAA batteries

With fathers day right around the corner, what a great idea if dad is trying to get fit them a Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale.

I really do love mine, and it's so easy even my kids like to use it. since I received mine i have lost 4 lbs, and now I can see weekly if  what i'm doing to get into shape is working. I love how thin it is, and how long the weight stays on the screen. Well I love and dislike that feature, because it does give me a chance to see it, but it also allows my husband the chance to see it to and i'm not yet comfortable with my weight to show him.

SO if your looking to buy a great scale Check out the EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale available at Amazon.com today.



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