Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poison Ivy is no fun.

SO I have this neighbor that doesn't take care of his house or yard, and he happens to live right next to me, well i have kids, and a fully fenced in back yard, but it never fails something goes over a fence. Normally this isn't an issue because the people behind us are really nice, and the other side of us, well they have kids so they understand... But this morning my husband woke up covered in Poison Ivy on his wrists and his legs... Well Z has it in a patch my his upper thigh. Sure makes for a long day when your 2 year old contracts something that makes them so uncomfortable. 

Anyone know of a way to help him? Or my husband with this awful stuff. We have Anti Itch stuff, but lets face it that doesn't always help.



Madeline said...

I've always put rubbing alcohol on it. It stings like you would not believe at first, but it dries it out, which is what you want.

s said...

Not sure if you have access to a pool but the chlorinated water helps clear it up.

I like to try natural remedies first and an oatmeal bath (or boil up some oatmeal in water - when cooled off to warm - spread it on the rash) This often helps relieve the itch and dry it up.

Another thing I've heard of but haven't tried is that rubbing the inside of a banana peel is supposed to help offer relief. I know it may sound strange but it is supposed to work.

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