Sunday, June 5, 2011

Neoteric Cosmetics Review


The battle against sun damaged, dry, wrinkled,
aging skin and acne is easy and extremely affordable with Alpha Hydrox.  Alpha Hydrox alpha hydroxy anti-wrinkle skin creams, lotions, oil-free formulas and body washes help to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and creases.  They also even skin's tone and unclog pores, helping to banish acne and problem-prone skin.  At a fraction of the cost of discount and department store brands that aren't even close to being as effective, Alpha Hydrox will help your skin look & feel younger, fresher, smoother, softer, clearer, more radiant and healthier.

The Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) used in Alpha Hydrox products are advanced natural exfoliants that gently and gradually “peel away” dead surface skin cells, allowing fresh, new cells to emerge.  AHAs, particulary glycolic, are recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons throughout the world because they actually improve the skin.

Something I am not proud of is my skin, ever since I was a teenager, I have had acne. It was horrible in my early teens, and I lived with the delusion that when I became an adult, it would go away forever. Nope not my luck, at 26 I still struggle to keep my skin clear.  Somethings make it worse then others, when ever I was pregnant it was horrible, it even still flairs near my time of the month now. When I came across the website of Neoteric Cosmetics, I was happy to have the chance to have something to finally solve my problem.

I have been using the 
ALPHA HYDROX<br>Kit for Treatment of Acne & Problem-Prone Skin that is Oily or Combination    

ALPHA HYDROX Kit for Treatment of Acne & Problem-Prone Skin that is Oily or Combination

1-Foaming Face Wash
1-10% AHA Oil-Free Formula
1-Acne Spot Serum
All products are full size.
The necessary basics for the best solution to blemishes & problem prone skin.
Kit Contains: 
1 - Foaming Face Wash
1 - Toner-Astringent
1 - 10% AHA Oil-Free Formula (Exfoliant)
1 - Active Spot Serum

I have seen wonderful results so far, and It did take a couple weeks before I really saw, the change , but it did take a lot to remember the 4 steps everyday at first, but after a week or so I got into the routine. The face wash, has a very light scent, but it isn't bad, it's  pleasant actually. the Astringent i can sometimes still feel on my face,awhile after it was applied, but that doesn't really bother me to much.   I am very happy with the results I have received from these products and will continue using them, as long as I have trouble with my acne. 

Neoteric Cosmetics also makes other facial care kits:
ALPHA HYDROX<br>Kit w/12% AHA Souffle

ALPHA HYDROX Kit w/12% AHA Souffle

1-Nourishing Cleanser
1-12% AHA Souffle
1-Sheer Silk Moisturizer
Products are full size.
All the Alpha Hydrox products you need to begin your basic daily alpha hydroxy skin care regime.
All the Alpha Hydrox New Generation products you will need to begin your basic daily skin care regime.  

Kit Contains: 
  • 1 Nourishing Cleanser
  • 1 12% AHA Souffle (Exfoliant)
  • 1 Sheer Silk Moisturizer
Note: All products are full size

Kit w/10% AHA Enhanced Cream

ALPHA HYDROX<br>Kit w/10% AHA Enhanced Cream

ALPHA HYDROX Kit w/10% AHA Enhanced Cream

1-Foaming Face Wash
1-10% AHA Enhanced Creme
1-Night Replenishing Cream
Products are full size
Everything you need for a simple, basic, Alpha Hydrox facial care routine.
Everything you need for the basic, simple Alpha Hydrox daily skin care routine.  All products are full size.

Kit Contains: 
1 Foaming Face Wash
1 10% AHA Enhanced Creme (Exfoliant)
1 Night Replenishing Cream (Moisturizer)

they also have a line for :

If you have problem skin, I would recommend you head over and check out the Alpha Hydrox line at Neoteric Cosmetics .


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