Monday, June 6, 2011

Easy Stroll Review and Giveaway US Only ends 6/30

Easy Stroll

Convenience... Easy Stroll provides total control of the stroller with just one hand.  Your free hand can swing naturally as it would while walking without a stroller or can be used for other tasks, such as carrying a bag of groceries or holding hands with another child.  A free hand is needed at some point virtually every time a stroller is used.  Easy Stroll gives you this new freedom.
Comfort... Easy stroll is an ergonomic stroller handle that promotes proper posture.  Baby Strollers without Easy Stroll require two hands for operation.  "Hunching" over the stroller puts an unnatural curve in your spine.  Unfortunately, these improper body mechanics are unavoidable when pushing a stroller with two hands.  Over time, it manifests itself as fatigue and/or discomfort in the back and arms.  The good news is Easy Stroll fixes the problem.  Using single handed operation, Easy Stroll straightens your back and allows for "normal" posture when pushing the stroller.  There is no arm or back strain.

As a mom of 2 toddlers, but also the owner of a daycare, I am more then aware of how hard it is to push a stroller, with both hands while trying to keep your 3 year old from running in the road... Walks were way more stressful then I ever wanted them to be... so we spent alot of time at home until... The Easy Stroll, Stroller Handle.
It's super easy to install and use..

Reach in and grab the hand grip as shown to the right. With Easy Stroll™, there is little need to use arm or back strength when pushing your stroller. Simply change the direction you’re walking and the stroller will effortlessly change directions with you. To turn the stroller to the right, walk slightly to the left. The leverage of your entire body will easily turn the stroller to the right. Some of the control still comes from your arm, but most of the control comes from moving your feet. (Hint: the most common mistake made when using Easy Stroll™ is trying to control it with your arm. Steer with your feet, not your arms). After a short period of time, operation of the stroller becomes second nature and your strolling will never be the same. Your free hand can swing naturally as it would while walking without a stroller or used for other tasks, such as holding hands with another child, carrying a bag of groceries, walking the dog, etc. In addition to freeing up a hand, Easy Stroll™ is a more natural and comfortable way of pushing a stroller, which in turn reduces stress on your shoulders and back

I love that if I only have my 2 toddlers I can just let the Easy Stroll handle drop and not use it.. but if I need to have a free hand it's there and all I have to do is lift it up put my arm in and go.  The easy stroll also comes in 4 great colors.




Check them out for yourself.

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