Monday, June 27, 2011

Hip-T Review and Giveaway Us Only Ends 7/18

After years of loving and living in our low rise jeans and layering t-shirt over t-shirt, we had to acknowledge there was a problem. Daily activities such as sitting at a restaurant or bending to tie a shoe were met with constant rear end exposure of one type or another. To make matters worse, we were tired of dealing with bulky messy layers of t-shirts in hopes of camouflaging what might make an appearance with the next bend and snap! Let's not forget, layering in itself is a great look. So, whether it was butt crack hanging out of the trunk, or using that thin sweatshirt as an additional "cover-up" accessory around the waist, something had to be done short of walking away from the investment we had made in the denim department.

It is true, the best products are the simple ones which make our lives easier and more comfortable. With that in mind, we took an old white t-shirt and cut the bottom half off. We slipped it on around the scene of the crime and layered with another t-shirt. Now it was time for the test – a good deep squat in front of the mirror. Hey – no thong exposure, no bum cleavage and no t-shirt tangle. How easy! The first hip-T was resurrected from the depths of the t-shirt drawer. hip-hip hurray!

Whether you spend your day at a desk in school, the office, or simply find yourself bending to tie a youngster’s shoe a dozen times a day, you deserve a protected rear view. We all have had wacky ways to hide the side (or rather back end) effects of our favorite jeans. Our company, g3 Originals is committed to providing ladies everywhere with an easy, comfortable and stylish way to cover their assets and clean up the rear view for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Be free - hip-T!

I love the Problem and solution section of there website... and nothing explains why the Hip-Ts and so great.

Don't let your style fall through the crack and become a
victim of one of the following fashion crimes:
An Unwanted game of thong peek-a-boo!
Bending over at work and showing your boss the green polka-dot
thong you're wearing is definitely not the way to get that promotion  
you've been hoping for!
The Plumber's crack
Ladies, let's leave this one to the professionals.
The Dreaded "Muffin Top"
No one wants a muffin top - unless it's blueberry!

After having 3 kids, I can honestly say I am guilty of showing my underwear off, when bending over, and unless I wanted to dress in overly long shirts, or super baggy clothes that only would make me look like I weighed more then I already looked... I had no idea how to stop it until I saw the Hip-T. Now I can get the layered look  I love, and also know that if I need something from the bottom shelf at the store, Anyone walking by won't see what kind of underwear I have on that day.

Hip-T is available in so many different styles there is sure to be something for everyone.
Sassy Prints - Hearts of HardySassy Prints - Hearts of Hardy
sassy prints

Maybe your not into the attention prints may bring so problem Hip-T offers:
The Basics

but we also can't leave out
White hip-T with Lace Pink hip-T with LaceBlack hip-T with Lace
The Originals 

another great thing about the Hip-T is that you can layer them for more them just to cover up the bottom... how many of us own a tank top or tee shirt that is a little more revealing them you'd like it to be? well check out this awesome idea

such a great idea, but I know for me that would mean I would need two different sizes,  since currently i''m larger on the bottom then I would like.

Buy it:
Hip-T  has an online store which you will find right here


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One reader will win their choice of any In-Stock Hip-T.

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