Thursday, June 16, 2011 Review.

is the web’s best source for engraved glassware!

We custom etch bar-quality glass to your specifications. Personalize one of our template designs, or start from scratch and make your own! There are

no setup charges and no quantity requirements…. get anything from a single glass to a bulk order.

I was so thrilled when Glass with a twist Agreed to let me try out their glasses... Now if you know me well you know that, I am not a huge drinker, but I do drink once in a while. I loved the idea of having glasses to say what I wanted, it makes it fun to not have the plain old blank beer mug or glass.

I received 2 beer mugs just like above with the Quote
""He was a wise man who invented beer." By Plato

I couldn't wait to test them out so the day, they arrived I asked my husband to pick up some beer on his way home from work, and boy did they work out great. They have heavy bottoms so they aren't easy to tip over, and they are glass so they don't absorb the soapy test plastic can. I am a little worried because they are glass, and tend to be super careful with them, so that i can have them to use over and over again.

My next choice was The Hurricane glass.

I thought really hard about what I wanted Mine to say, and I finally came up with ...
'' Blondes may have more fun, but Red Heads remember it in the morning." 

Yes I am a redhead by nature and although haven't always, I love it now. I also love how fun my new glass is, although I've never had a hurricane I love it to make my Fuzzy Navels in. 

Overall I find Glass with a twist to be a great place to find drink glasses at an affordable price and can defiantly see myself shopping there somewhere down the road for a bar set or some thing.  My husband thought this shot glass was great...

although he would need it to say something completely different, and he hates shots.

Glass with a twist as all your drink glass needs

Head over and check out Glass With A Twist today.



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