Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tommee Tippee review

tommee tippee Explora intuitively designed for easy feeding. 6m+ Stage 1.

I hadn't heard of tommee tippee before a couple months ago, and after 3 kids that really surprised me. After looking through their website for a few minutes. I was really intrigued by just how far things have come. We have had sippy cups over the years that always claimed to be spill proof and were until the first wash after that they always leak, I have no idea why. 
I really like the style of the tommee tippee sippy cups, they have so many to choose from, I was sent 

explora® truly spill proof drink cup x 2 - blue / green
for review, and my son loves them, they really are spill proof which is great since we put in new carpet. I really like the unique stopper,it's like nothing I have ever seen. Unless they contain carbonated beverages they  have not  leaked at all. Z has thrown it, shaken it, and rolled it across the floor, dropped it off the table, and bounced it down the stairs. None of the other sippy cups in the house will withstand all these tests. 

I love the cute designs, and how much he feels like a big boy using this cup to. I really wish he was a little younger and I would switch to these for all our sippy cups, they are bigger then most cups,and seem to keep his milk cold for the couple hours it takes in the morning to drink it. I love the fact they are dishwasher safe as it allows them to be sterilized, and completely clean. 

The explora series has many more products to offer and they are all divided by age to:
4 months+
6 months+
9 months+
12 months+
18 months+
24 months+
all you have to do is look for the colored stars to see if the product is in the age group you need, and tommee tippee has tons of different style sippy cups such as 
explora ® truly spill proof sippy cup x 2 - pink
explora ® truly spill proof sippy cup x 2 - pink
depending on what your child prefers. I would highly recommend you check out the tommee tippee website, if you have very small children. 

Disclosure: The author, manufacturer, or representing PR provided a product to review. No compensation was provided. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. *


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