Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Itzbeen Baby timer review.

The Itzbeen has 4 great timers, 

 1 for Time since last diaper change 

1 for Time since last feeding 

1 for Time awake / time asleep

1 for Bonus timer – for any other use (great for medicine reminders, who can remember Motrin  every 6 hours?)

Each timer counts up to show the user how long it has been since the last event occurred. To use, simply press and release a timer button once. That timer will reset and begin counting up again. When a timer is in use, the colon (:) between the hours and minutes will blink.

Each timer has an optional reminder alarm.
  When the time limit is reached, the timer button will light up and the alarm will sound.
       It has a mute switch to turn off the alarm.                 
 A back light will illuminate the screen for 5 seconds.
A night light you can use as a flashlight as well.
Have you ever tried to find the missing pacifier at 3 am?
I can also see how easy the Itzbeen would make for breastfeeding, Since I nursed my youngest two, I can still remember the 2 am feeding and trying to remember which side they last nursed on. 
The Itzbeen solves that problem with a simple switch you just switch for one side to the other.

Even though   my children are no longer Little babies, does not mean that sleep deprivation is a thing of my past,No. Even at 2,4 and 7, when my kids are sick, Mommy gets very little sleep, so my memory can be a little lacking by the evening, and trying to remember when I last gave the baby Motrin for the fever, or one of the other kids the last dose of cold medicine isn't always the easiest.

I love the fact I can set an alarm to tell me when the next dose is due, Defiantly something that as a new parent I would have loved to have with a newborn in the house. I love the night light feature to, all I have to do is press a button when the baby drops his sippy on the floor now instead of getting up walking across the room, and flipping on a hallway light that, could wake up others in the house. I was expecting the Itzabeen to be bigger in size, but love how little it is, it will fit on my back pocket and worn comfortably.

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