Thursday, March 24, 2011

The living room is done.

If you have been following me for a while you will know, that I was planning to remodel my kitchen this spring, but alas my furnace went out, and the kitchen was put on hold, until next year. So I decided to redo my living room carpet, and give it a swell paint job. I started this project on Thursday night, I primed all my mahogany wood trim, with 2 coats Friday, I rolled the ceiling with a flat white paint. The trim took 5 coats all together, 
2 coats of primer, done about an hour apart.
3 coats of white semi gloss

Everything was pushed back a few days because of the delay of the carpet sample. Sunday was rolling the red color we chose, which happened to be In the Dutch Boy Storyteller collection for this year, It's called Spanish rose, and after 3 coats

Here is the finished look. Excuse the poor lighting on the one wall. I need to do something about that. and choose new window coverings.

Just to show how big of a change it is here is an  old picture of what it looked like before.
 The toys in this photo are all in another room now.
but this the the same wall the tv is on in the new pictures.


Sleppery said...

Ohohoh. I really like the red. Very nice!
My son has those same table toys....they take up so much space x.x

Kirsten said...

Pretty! Great use of the space!

Crystal Lynn said...

I love the cranberry red color. I really want to paint my kitchen that color. This past weekend the kids and I painted the living room a pretty yellow.. it is like I am living in a new house! LOL So love that feeling!!! : )

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