Monday, March 14, 2011

Princereigns Review


Although,I am a private person, and normally don't talk about these things, Lets face it, as  women, we wear bathing suits right? Wearing a bathing suit out in public means having to shave or ( quiver) wax your bikini area, and if your like me and have Sensitive skin, then those unsightly  razor burn bumps, may appear and I find it embarrassing to go out in public with them, but don't want to stay out of the pool either,So I was very exited to have the chance to review, and tell you about Princereigns.
After using it for a couple weeks now, I can honestly say, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. No matter how frilly, or lacy my underwear are, weather or not I wear jeans after shaving, and no matter how long I go in between shaving as long as I use Princereigns Ingrown hair Serum, my skin stays completely clear or any bumps, Ingrown hair, or razor burn at all.

Princereigns can be used my both women as men, I however, don't know any men that use any kind of Ingrown Hair serum. I love that it doesn't have a fruity or per-fumy  smell, but it does carry a light scent,  I have not noticed any itching or burning when using PrinceReigns so I believe that it lives up to the claims found on the website.

Not only does Princereigns make a great ingrown hair serum but they make face masks to.although I didn't get a chance to try these out, they look wonderful, and if they are as great as the serum, then I thought you should know about them. 

You can find Prince Reigns at their Website

Disclosure: The author, manufacturer, or representing PR provided a product to review. No compensation was provided. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. *


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