Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Suuthe Review

Suuthe is a line of products the are designed to provide fast, natural relief from severe to 
mild skin conditions. They are capable of soothing, repairing, maintaining, preserving 

and protecting your skin. Suuthe formulations have been created by combining some 

of the world’s oldest and most effective ingredients. Each ingredient was chosen for

its own unique qualities and ability to have a positive effect on the skin.

Suuthe has many products in this great line,

Skin Repair is a synergistic blend of some of nature's most magnificent healing ingredients.  Mari developed damaged skin repair when her son was suffering from very dramatic eczema. She could not find a skin product on the market that helped him so she decided to make her own skin repair product.  Skin repair is naturally anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and anti inflammatory.  Skin repair is equally effective for all kinds of skin issues from rashes to open wounds and stretch marks to arthritis.   Skin repair is also baby safe.  No home should be without it!

Our flag ship product Skin Repair; for damaged skin repair.

Skin Repair formula is the base for this rich, hydrating, and healing Natural Body Butter.  hydrating Body Butter cream contains naturally occurring phyto-nutrients and antioxidants.  Natural Body Butter is a synergistic blend of nature’s own whole ingredients.   Sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil make it a naturally moisturizing Body Butter.  This moisturizing Body Butter lotion isn’t just the biggest drink of hydration you can give your skin, but a therapeutic, age reversing treatment for your whole body.  Now that’s what I call an all over moisturizer!

Natural Body Butter for hydrating dry and damaged skin.

Today's extreme weather conditions cause dry chapped lips, dry cracked lips, and sore lips. Using  Skin Repair formula, that was  created, Soothing Lip Balm to battle these lip ailments.  This lip moisturizing product not only works on chapped lips but also hydrates and repairs sensitive skin around the mouth.   Soothing Lip Balm is a 100% natural lip balm.  Soothing Lip Balm is also a beeswax lip balm using bees wax in the proven formula.
Soothing Lip Balm for sensitive areas around the mouth and keeping lips moisturized and healthy.

Facial Skin Moisturizer has many of the repair qualities of our Skin Repair and is a good alternative for people who have sensitivities to bee products.

• Re-freshing Facial Skin 
• Re-moisturizing Facial Skin 

• Dry Face

• Cracked Skin 
• Wrinkled Skin 
• Red Itchy Skin
• Sunburn
• Painful Skin
• Bumpy Rashes
• Sensitive Skin
• Stings & Insect Bites
• Skin Rash Treatment
• Acne Breakouts
• Aging Skin
• Allergy Rash
• Itchy Rashes
• Atopic Dermatitis
• Eczema
• Painful Rash
• 1st & 2nd Degree Burns
• Scraps
• Cuts
• Topical eczema
• Psoriasis

I was given the chance to review the original chap stick, and the skin repair, and can honestly say the chap stick, really does soften your lips, and works really well to clear up the chapped spots around my daughters lips. I have started using the skin repair on some of those delightful little marks, that are the symbols are having my 3 great children, stretch marks, it has done wonders for the fact that my boobs, tend to itch when the stretch marks are and with Suuthe applied the itching is gone.

I let my sister try out the skin repair on her razor burn,and even she said it really relieved it, this really is a great product. I let my husband read the information that came with my samples, and as he was reading through the skin conditions he had to make light of the fact, i am accident prone in the Kitchen.  I burned my hand twice in the same week. Really wish I'd had this back then. 

Disclosure: The author, manufacturer, or representing PR provided a product to review. No compensation was provided. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. *


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