Monday, March 28, 2011

Soda Stream Review.

Sodastream | turn water into fresh sparkling water and soda

Have you ever wondered if there was a healthier way to drink soda? I know I have, and since Soda is my one weakness, the one thing I'm not sure if I would ever want to give it up. I was thrilled when I was given the chance to review such a wonderful idea, and everyone who sees it is completely fascinated with it. Not only with the machine, but weather or not it makes real soda. My teenage sister didn't believe I could really make "pop" so I proved it. All she could really say was WOW.

Sodastream Home Soda Maker
I received the Soda Jet model in black, which matches my kitchen. All you need to make real Soda is One of the many models of the Soda Stream
Penguin Machines
Penguin Machines
Pure Machines
Fountain Jets
Each model as different features, some even have different bottles.
130 Reorder Kit - 1 exchange
and One of these many types of flavors or syrups.
Ginger AleCola Free - (compare to Coke Zero®)Energy Drink - (compare to Red Bull®)Cranberry Raspberry
Green Tea Pomegranate PeachDiet Lemon Lime - (compare to Diet Sprite®)Diet Pink Grapefruit (compare to Fresca®)Root Beer
and there are many more then this, These are just the ones Me and my family were given the chance to test out. Honestly some of them are really good, and others just weren't for me. Everyone that has seen me use the Soda Stream has tried the root beer, and said it really does taste just like regular in the can root beer. 

In fact my husband likes the idea so much he wants me to order these flavors to try out.
Cherry ColaColaDr. Pete - (compare to Dr. Pepper®) - *Available Mid April*Fountain Mist - (compare to Mountain Dew®) - *Available Mid April*
Cherry Cola,Cola, Dr.Pete, and Fountain Mist. So just as soon as these come into stock I will be placing an order. 

I am a little turned off by the smell of some of the syrups, but those are also the ones I really am not a fan of. i feel I should place one warning though, When adding the syrup please please please make sure to do it slowly, otherwise it makes a mini explosion and you have a mess to clean up, I have found it to be worse with the energy drink. I will update everyone on the last 4 flavors when I get to try them.

Really this would be a great product to buy, If you like a change of pace, and natural products. With the Soda Stream there are no cans to deal with, no huge cases taking up space, and so many options at an affordable price. a 12 pack of cans here will cost you 5 dollars, and that is 12 cans of the same kind of soda, what is you want to change it up? well it means you buy 2 liters which always seem to go flat before I finish them.

Perfect amounts of Soda,and the Soda Stream sodas are less sugar and less calories as well. what could be better.

Disclosure: The author, manufacturer, or representing PR provided a product to review. No compensation was provided. The opinions expressed are my own personal and honest thoughts. *


Laura Starnes said...

I have always wondered about this item. I thought it was a neat idea, but wasn't sure about the practicality of it.

Mommy34567 said...

This looks like so much fun to try.

Kristy Bodle

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