Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shenzhen Knives Peeler Review

Shenzhen Ceramic Knives can be used by anyone for most slicing and cutting needs. These ceramic knives are made of an advanced ceramic called zirconia, the second hardest material known to man next to diamond. The material's properties make it particularly resistant to wear and tear, which means that aceramic blade can hold its edge much longer than a steel blade without the need for re-sharpening as often as steel knives.

Some of the benefits of using ceramic Knives are:

Holds edge much longer than steel. Ceramic's hardness means that the ceramic blade will resist wear and remain sharper.

Rust proof. Non-stick surface makes the ceramic blade easy to clean.

No metallic taste or smell. Given the ceramic blade's characteristics, the ceramic knife will not interact with your food's taste.

Zirconium oxide is harder than ordinary steel and almost as hard as diamond. This means the ceramic knife keeps its edge much longer than a steel blade. Thus with proper care,ceramic knives can go many months or years without sharpening.
I was given the chance to review A ceramic peeler. after using it for a couple weeks, I hate to say it but, Honestly I prefer my regular metal peeler. the ceramic peeler, doesn't work as well as the regular one. I think it's actually harder to use the ceramic peeler. It really is sharp, and seemed to be sturdy, but It just doesn't peel cucumbers, or potatoes, as well as the regular one I've been using for the last 5 years or so.

Maybe it's that I'm not open to change, or maybe it's just that None of the peelers That have that this basic design just don't work as well the way I use them. The ceramic is sharper then a regular metal peeler, but Just doesn't fit my likes or needs.

If your looking for a new peeler, and would like to check out ceramic knives , then here is a great offer for you.

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