Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twister Mania Review

We have an Xbox and received the Kinect last year. We love to play the sports games, and I have used it to play the biggest loser games to work out. It wasn't until very recently we found a way for the whole family to play.

We put this game in on Christmas Eve after returning home from church. My husband loved to try out the different ways to play

This was a ton of fun, not near as easy as it looks, but that is what makes it so fun, the challenge. The kids had some trouble with this one, but watching my husband sure made for a great laugh. 
This is where you must try to conform your body to fit through the shape and try to grab the star while you were at it. I think this was to easy for the little ones because they are so small.  I had a great laugh trying this out for myself, and my husband had even more fun. I do believe the Kinect games are great fun, and they are so much better then sitting on the couch playing.  

I don't at all understand this one. but My husband seemed to like it. I am not an avid gamer by any means, and because of that I tend to give up to easy on them. My husband however is a very avid gamer, and will spend hours playing the same levels. Truthfully I think BamBam is not my cup of tea. 

This game really is for the whole family in out house, my 4 year old Ms.L . Overall this is a great game, and I can't wait til New Year's Eve to play this with our friends. I would say the great points of this game are
It's Hilarious
Very easy to play
Even Mr.Z my 2 year old had a go.

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