Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jenny Looms Review

When my kids were born my husband and I were in agreement that we wanted them to believe in Santa, The Easter Bunny, and also The Tooth Fairy . Most of those are super easy to pull off, because Santa puts presents under the tree, The Easter bunny hides your baskets, but The Tooth Fairy has to reach under your pillow. I have a child who sleeps so light I am certain reaching under her pillow will wake her, and she's coming up on those years of loose teeth. My Solution was simple..... A Tooth Fairy Pillow. 
5 Party Pack Tooth Fairy Pillows - Jenny Looms

A Tooth Fairy Pillow is small about 4"x4"  in size ans each has a small pocket on the front. At the top is a ribbon handle in which to hang the pillow by. 

The perfect solution and they come in super cute prints. Jenny Looms is an Etsy Store and has some of the cutest I have seen. I believe that gender neutral was best for me because Ms. L and Mr.Z will both be using it. Taking a look around her site you can finds Toothfairy pillows in a wide selection of prints. 

Hello Kitty Tooth Fairy Pillow - Jenny Looms

Sweet Owls Tooth Fairy Pillow - Jenny Looms
Winnie the Pooh Tooth Fairy Pillow -  Jenny Looms
Captain Hook Tooth Fairy Pillow - Jenny Looms
Monsters Inc. Tooth Fairy Pillow - The Original Jenny Looms

Lenny Looms offers many more awesome designs but I can't show them all to you. Head over and check out the selection today. The Awesome Price makes them a great deal for party packs and even Stocking Stuffers.

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Tara Oliver said...

this is too cute! and my daughter is just getting to the age that we could use this and it'd be fun. thanks for the review!

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