Friday, December 2, 2011

Little Kids Review

Little Kids, Inc.

My kids are much like most little kids in that if you give them a basic toy they let their imagination  take over, and some of the things they come up with are amazing. Little Kids Inc offers many products, but I think the most fun they have had in along time was with:
they have an interesting name but are a ton of fun.
With so many pieces they have the ability with a little help to make anything they wanted. Castles, cars, cookies, The ideas they have come up with are ... amazing. I did find that a large zip lock bag was much better at keeping the pieces together and out of the dogs nose ( the tiny Zots fit to well in her nostrils.)  

They spend hours playing with them... not just once in a while. It is something quiet they can all do together that even my husband and I can join in on. It's great for arts and crafts time to... because they can make almost ANYTHING!!!!!

We also received

my son went crazy over this one... Mr.Z is only 2 but he's very into sports style things and with the chilly weather that means more in the house playing. I think this is a great idea, the idea to most parents would either annoy or worry them something could get broken. I find that although the balls do have a little bit of a punch  ( I've been hit with them) when shot out of the  unit. The plus side to this is, it will teach him the baseball skills for when he's older( mommy's hoping he will want to play baseball, but no forcing him), along with giving him something to do in the house.  Right now his coordination is better suited for the hockey portion though he's pretty good with that stick. Now to convince him the Christmas tree ornaments are not hockey balls,


I do consider these to be a great idea for kids, and maybe even an adult too.

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