Thursday, December 8, 2011

DiaperBuds R/G Ends 12/30

DiaperBuds™ were developed by three sisters, all working moms, with nine kids between them. Their need for a diaper product that is both compact and hygienic inspired the creation of DiaperBuds™. It may have been the time that one of them took a diaper out of her bag with a lollipop stuck to it that really kicked it off!
Their vision was clear—to engineer a process that will compact diapers into a small package that saved space and kept the diapers clean in transit.
The three moms set out on a mission to make it happen. They developed a unique folding process that would not compromise the absorbent diaper ‘core’ and identified the machinery to shrink-wrap the diaper to a reduced size. Three years later, after several rounds of prototyping and much research, they assembled a team of professionals with the expertise to help execute their vision.
Next, they tested DiaperBuds™ to be sure the diapers maintained their performance and quality after packaging. The test was successful – the diapers were opened and they bloomed right back to full capacity. DiaperBuds™ also passed the absorbency test. Success was at hand.
Last, but certainly not least, DiaperBuds™ were put to the ultimate test. Consumers were asked to sample DiaperBuds™ and give us their opinion. It was no surprise to us that moms across the country found DiaperBuds™ to be a much needed convenience – one that they would be happy to keep on hand at all times.

The number one reason I can not wait until my son is potty trained is that I will no longer have to take diapers with us anywhere. They take up so much space in the diaper bag, or my purse. Since he's so big now I have to make room for the size 4's. I wished there was a solution to this problem. Until I discovered Diaper Buds.

You might ask what are diaper buds? Well they are 

a full size diaper that is sealed into the perfect size package. Vacuum sealed
They fit into a pocket, but best of all I can throw a couple in my purse to go to the store, and be good to go with out the huge diaper bag.  
Sizes are pretty standard to regular diaper sizes
Baby Diaper Bags
The diapers are decent enough quality  I have no issues with them at all. I would recommend then to any parent with a child in diapers.  

Win it:

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