Monday, December 12, 2011

HandVibes Review

When I first came across Hand Vibes... I wondered what kind of name that was for a Collection of rings with additude. I see now that it is more the vibe of the way things are  or the mood your in that this means.
Boo-Yah Yellow ringstack
They are rings that have sayings on them. 
Peace Purple ringstack
Available in different colors and designs.
Coolio Blue ringstack

They are great for style, and my girls love them. Tiny little rings that will stretch to fit most normally sized fingers.  Although some are harder to find then others, I would imagine that Hand Vibes could be the next must have fashion accessory.

buy it:
Hand Vibes are sold in more retail stores like Target, Walmart. Look for a display today!
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Tara Oliver said...

ah these are very cute. they remind me of a sister-in-law! thanks for the review!

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