Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kidorable Review

Kidorable Online Store
Kidorable Online Store
Kidorable Online Store

In 1997, Kidorable sprung from the minds, hearts and efficiency apartment of Liping and Jonathan Domsky. They proclaimed, "The world needs someone to create children's apparel and accessories that are both functional and fun. We can do that."
And so Kidorable was conceived. Starting with lions and cats and bears, oh my, manifested as umbrellas and hangers, Kidorable generated enough sales during its first year to break even and plant fruitful Kidorable seeds throughout the land. The following year sales grew ten fold. Every year since, give or take, a new style and/or product line debuted. And every year, the world joyfully embraced more Kidorable delights, give or take, than the year before.
Children, it turns out, absolutely and unconditionally love Kidorable (almost as much as their parents and other children-loving grown-ups do.)
In its first three years, Kidorable grew from a hopeful startup to a thriving business with $2 million in sales. Ever since, Kidorable has continued to blossom, evolving into a flourishing global enterprise, contributing to the success of dozens of sales professionals and thousands of retailers, with sales projected to exceed $15 million by 2015.
Throughout its first decade, the key to Kidorable's success has been growth. But not growth simply in the financial sense. For the ultimate Kidorable customers - kids - it's all about growing imaginations. For Kidorable's employees, it's all about nurturing personal and professional growth. And for everyone touched by Kidorable, it's about growing smiles. For Kidorable, growing larger is a natural and happy consequence of growing better, individual by individual.
Today Kidorable is a striking presence, not just in stores, but across the vast landscape of the children's apparel and accessories industry. By encouraging personal and professional growth in the service of imagination and smiles, Kidorable's own growth projections continue to soar.

I love Kidorable they offer such wonderful  line of child wear.  I have done a review for them of the Rain jackets, and umbrellas which months later are still in great shape and we still use them today. We got the chance to try out something else ... That I love.
This is one product that really comes alive when wrapped around a child. Our absorbent, soft cotton towels make lounging by the pool and beach, or drying off after a bath, extra fun. These quality towels come in two sizes, newborn to two years, and ages three to six.

My 4 year old loves the color purple, she is also very picky about what towel she gets to use, for bath time. I thought for sure this would be the perfect idea for her. She was in love with it the second she saw it.Ms.L is an average build for her age almost 5, and the 3-6 year old size fits her great, and will continue to for at least another year.  

There are so many products at Kidorable and they offer sales all the time. 
Including their new Dragon Knight Collection. Shown below.

as well as
Hats,Gloves, Scarfs perfect for this time of year. 

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