Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shed Pal Review

Shed Pal™

Shed Pal™ is the easy to use pet-preferred grooming system with massaging nubs and gentle suction that removes shedding fur that allows you to groom your dog or cat easier than ever! There's no harsh wire bristles, no snagging or pulling and no fur-flying mess! It works perfectly on short or long haired pets, allowing you to keep your furry friend looking neat and clean. 
With a dog in the house, there always seems to be hair everywhere. No matter how much time I spend vacuuming I still find more. Because she has short hair, most brushes and combs just don't work for her so I was very eager to try out the Shed Pal
As soon as I got the box I opened it and tried it out on her, against her will.  ( she hates the vacuum and this sounds like one) I found that it didn't pick up near as much as I was hoping for,in fact I would say I had way more hair on me then in the Shed Pal.

So with the thinking that maybe it would work much better for a long haired dog I sent it to my mother's house. She has Collies , what a better way to test it out? She had about the same luck as I did, it seemed to be messier then just brushing them our selves. 

As neat of an idea as this is, I just can not give it a thumbs up. 

If you would like to try it out for yourself 
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