Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adult Post 18+

If you are under the age of 18 you are not invited to  read this post and I ask that you close this post right now. If you are over 18 please keep reading if you wish but please understand this post is about an adult website and about an adult toy.

A sensual massage can be a great lead into foreplay, but it also can be a way to help your partner relax after a long day. 
Photo of Babeland Body Massage Candle

Candles unlike any other, they are candles that burn like others with one little difference they don't melt away, but in fact you can use the oil they melt into for a massage oil. I love the candles burn at a cool temperature so the oil doesn't burn the skin. 

I have them in 3 scents
Mango Vanilla
Rice Flower

I'm not sure which one I like more. All 3 body massage candles are wonderful, I do find the oil leaves a little more greasy feeling then I might like. I still love to use them. They have become a must have, and then best part I can leave them out on a shelf and the kids have no idea they are a part of my adult toy collection.
Buy it:
Body Massage Candles are Available at

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