Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aqueduck Review


We families face real challenges every single day, whether it be having too much to do with too little time, making choices that reflect our family values or becoming very creative in situations where it is clear that the world is not always designed with our particular needs in mind. 

Peachy™ is a company for families, by families. As such, we understand the problems you face because they are the same problems we face. Our goal is to help make the lives of you and your loved ones a little less difficult and a little more… well, peachy! 

Let’s face it, you’re already ready to apply for superhero status with all you do in a day. Can you really be out saving the world AND inventing solutions to all of life’s little obstacles at the same time? At Peachy™, our job is to shoulder a little bit of your family’s load through thoughtful, easy-to-use solutions. We create the products that you need in your life today so you don’t have to. The bottom line here is… we invent and you can devote more of your time to those you love most!
Aqueduck Bathroom Faucet Extender / Children Faucet Extension
I can not tell you how many times my toddlers have been trying to wash their hands in our bathroom and either they can't reach the facet or they make a huge mess, neither is a good situation. I love my kids but picking them up every 20 minutes is enough to drive me crazy.Aquaduck has solved this problem for me. Mr.Z and Ms.L have no trouble washing their hands or brushing their teeth now. This means I may get to finish the dishes, or cooking with out having to stop. 

I would say Aquaduck is a must have for parents of toddlers...and 
applying it to your bathroom sink is super easy. Cleaning it is easy also. I have the blue one but Aquaduck also comes in pink. 

Aquaduck is available for $12.99 each.

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