Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tie Buddies Review and Giveaway

Tie Buddies® will revolutionize when and how children learn to tie their shoes. With Velcro and slip-ons the average age of children learning to tie has increased with some children learning as late as 9 or 10.
Tie Buddies® offer children ages 3-9 the independence of tying their own shoes while quickly teaching them a method which is based around characters and stories depicted on the Tie Buddies® themselves. Tie Buddies® first offering includes one design each for boys and girls but rest assured more great characters are to come! 

Having a child who is 8 and can not tie her own shoes is a little embarrassing but school now a days want gym shoes that have Velcro for gym, which means that buying tie shoes is pointless so it only gets pushes back in learning. I however am proud to say that with the help of Tie Buddies, My girls will be tieing shoes in no time.

Using them is easy

Begin with the widest part of the Tie Buddy at the top, holes facing up. Thread the lace up through the closest tunnel, then out the top and down through the second, outer tunnel. Do not leave a loop above the Tie Buddy. Make sure there is roughly 3.5” of lace between the Tie Buddy and the last shoe eyelet. The 3.5" should be measured with your childs' foot in the shoe with the laces untied. Measure from the eyelet to the base of the Tie Buddy. You may need to adjust according to your childs' shoes and lace length so try the tying process yourself first to be sure the Tie Buddies® are placed correctly. Repeat the process on the second lace.

* Important: Tie BuddiesTM are meant to fit almost all laces however there may be some exceptions. If the tip of your childs' lace is worn or frayed you may want to replace the laces. You should also note that it may take some "elbow grease" to get the tip through on the larger ended laces.

Holding the TIPS of the laces, make an "X" and wrap one end through the hole and pull tight.

Grasp just below your Tie Buddies


Pass the left Tie Buddy (character) behind the other's back

...and back around in front

Now finish by pushing that Tie Buddy (character) back
through the hole

Now grab both the Tie Buddies
(characters) and pull up and away until your bow is tight


You've done it!

You can tie your shoes!

Once they've gotten the hang of it, remove one Tie Buddy so they can practice holding a lace on their own. Soon enough,you'll remove the other and your child will be a shoe-tying whiz!

and it takes is
Fairy and Magic Wand
4 little tie buddies available in 2 designs.
Red and Green Race Cars

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