Friday, November 11, 2011

Happily Married with Children Book Review and Giveaway

Happily Married With Kids shows what you can do to make your marriage better and grow closer to your spouse after the kids arrive. This book is engaging, fun and practical, and filled with easy-to-follow tips to help you learn how to: * GROW even closer with your spouse * LEARN to communicate, even to disagree affectionately * CREATE warm, loving, reliable support networks * BALANCE life, love, work and parenting * REJUVENATE your sex life * CELEBRATE your marriage as much as your kids Are you having less sex, less fun and more arguments than you did before kids? The arrival of a newborn puts a tremendous strain on even the best marriages. Happily Married With Kids has steps you can take to work toward a warm, loving relationship with your spouse that will last a lifetime.

Happily Married With Kids: It's Not A Fairy Tale
When I was 17  I met the man I have been married to for the last 8 years. Yes this means that I married young, and with that also comes having children young, I though at least we will still be young enough to do things when the kids, grow up. Those were thoughts of a naive me. After 10 years together, and 3 children we were in the same place as many of my friends without realizing it. We were not making the time for each other and this would lead to one or the other feeling ignored. I wanted to be a great mom to my kids and make sure they knew I would always be there, but I forgot about my partner in all of it, and one day I realized we were doomed once the kids moved out, because we had become so much about the kids, and so little about each other. 

I was so glad to have the chance to review Happily Married With Kids It's not a fairy Tale, because now I feel like we really have a connection. I don't feel were doomed to have nothing to talk about and will just grow apart. I can say I am a happily married women and more in love with my husband then I was before. Our relationship has improved because of what I learned in this book. 

Would I buy this book? yes
Would I recommend this book to any couple with children? Yes it is a great read. Overall I am so glad to have read this book and will be telling all my friends.
A great idea for the upcoming holidays Give the gift of a happy marriage.

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