Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Imagination Box Co Review

Imagination Box Co. The Right Toy For The Right Time

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are Kim and Russ Cash, creators and owners of Imagination Box Co. and we have been distributing our 100% recyclable art toys nationwide since 2007.
Our company is a direct reflection of our lifestyle and our basic philosophy of life. Raising three homeschooled daughters, we began to really notice how much waste was going into the landfills from all their toys and other "stuff" and thought to ourselves 'what can we do to make a difference'?  So, we began making some of their toys! An old box (every kids favorite) became a way to stimulate their creativity and recycle at the same time. They loved them and so did all the neighborhood kids. Seventeen years later... Voila - Imagination Box Co. was born! All of the grahics on our toys are hand drawn by our very own Russ, making them even more unique.
When we began our business, it was with a vision of providing creative, fun, educational, eco-friendly toys that were safe for children and safe for the environment. We believe that today's children hold the key to preserving our planet for generations to come. Now is the time to educate them and show them a new way of looking at the world. We are pleased to be able to pass our commitment to the environment on to consumers by providing environmentally safe arts and crafts toys to children all over the country! Imagination Box Co.'s toys are 100% made in the USA and are 100% recyclable, even the packaging!
Along with our concerns for the environment, we also feel it is important to support our community. We work with a local manufacturing company, a place where we can just "stop by" to ensure the quality of our products.
Our toys are assembled by Panhandle Special Needs, Inc., a local hometown organization that gives people with special needs in our local community a place to learn valuable skills to take into the world. When you purchase one of our cardboard playhouses, you help support our local community as well, and we appreciate it!
We live in a yurt on five acres in beautiful northern Idaho where we thrive in all that Mother Earth has to offer.  A yurt is an environmentally sensitive dwelling. We utilize solar power, including a solar oven and solar shower, tend a large garden and keep ten chickens that free-range and lay nutritious brown eggs. We also enjoy outdoor baking with our homemade mud oven! We believe a sustainable lifestyle means a sustainable Planet Earth!

Kids today don't have the same imagination that us adult had back when we were kids because they don't have to, they have doll houses that talk, and dolls that come with every thing you could ever think of, so they  don't think of half the stuff we had to, so I was pleased to see a company that didn't offer toys with every bell and whistles they offer toys that make kids think, and I know my kids had more fun with 
Eco-Friendly Castle Tower - Click Image to Close
this Castle Tower then they have ever with the expensive doll house . The hours they have spent pretending the princess barbie needed saving . The best part of all though was the quality time it took to paint the Castle
Tower  so that it looked great in the eyes of my kids. 

Imagination Box Co has other designs such as
Eco-Friendly Cottage - Click Image to Close
The Cottage

Paintable Firehouse - Click Image to Close
The Firehouse
and even a School House
Paintable Schoolhouse - Click Image to Close

Each comes with an 8 count water color paint. Not just a plain dollhouse. 
Check them out...


Tara Oliver said...

okay, I just found what I am going to get my nephews for Christmas. thank you for the review!!

Nichole said...

These are fantastic! I just wish they were big enough for my 4 year old to play in.

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