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Natural Elements Online Review

Natural Elements
Hawaiian lady using bath and body
( can I just say I love the front page of their website.)

I was sent a variety of products from Natural Elements Online to try out, and even the smell of the package made me think of the tropics and not so much of the cool fall weather, that will soon turn into the white cold stuff, we see for months here in Michigan. 

Mango Coconut Guava Body Oil
Our mango coconut body oil provides the perfect blend of tropical fruity fragrances that will inspire and reinvigorate. The coconut, which has been used by the native Hawaiians for centuries, provides all the necessary nutrients the skin needs to look its best. The potent extract works effectively to fight the signs of aging, while hydrating, rejuvenating and releasing skin’s natural glow. Our all natural oil is made with the purest form of this invaluable fruit to ensure its efficacy. The exotic scents of mango and guava have both been added to this unique preparation to increase its aroma-therapeutic effects. Not only will skin feel and look better, you will be invited to indulge in a fragrant experience that will transport you to the tropics.

Hawaiian Rose Perfume
The Hawaiian Rose perfume is absolutely exquisite. The robust scent of this extract blended with the finest ingredients is enough to enliven and inspire. The plant, though not native to the islands, is beloved by the inhabitants. The Damask variety was first introduced to Hawaii in 1800, earning the name the heavenly rose. Lokelani or small rose is both valuable as an ornamental and cultivated flower and is widely grown throughout the island of Maui.

Hawaiian Sunrise Tropical Body Cream
 Hawaiian Sunrise body cream will soothe and nourish the skin with rich shea butter and a hint of citrus fragrance. This deep penetrating moisturizer will infuse the delicate dermis with vitamins E, A and F, fatty acids and much needed minerals. Shea butter has long been used for its ability to fortify and rejuvenate. Our rich formulation takes advantage of its potency allowing it to apply lightly while creating a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Used daily you will begin to see the difference. The fruity tropical fragrance will delight you while it works to keep your skin looking its best.

Hawaiian Sunrise Tropical Bath Soap
The fresh citrusy scent of this soap is complimented by the rejuvenating moisture of coconut oil and shea butter.

Island Passion Tropical Bath Soap

Pamper your skin with the rich blend of coconut oil and shea butter all the while enjoying the lush tropically fruity scent of this soap.

Kauai Kiss Tropical Bath Soap

The tropical scents of the coconut, banana and mango blend with the moisturizing benefits of coconut oil and shea butter in this unique soap.

Pineapple Paradise Tropical Bath Soap
                                    Pineapple Paradise Tropical Bath Soap

Perk up your senses with the fresh fruity fragrance of Hawaiian pineapple and soothe your skin with moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil

I had alot of fun with this review because I am a big one for scented items. The soaps were great to use, and left my skin feeling soft. I did feel there was a little bit of a residue left over though. I do love the oil though it is amazing when it comes to a moisturizer, and has a divine smell. Makes me think of the sunny tropical beaches of Florida. The lotion has a  citrus smell that can be very overwhelming, but great to clear out the sinuses. The Perfume, is a delightful scent; light enough to wear daily, I think it really smells like a rose.  

Natural Elements Online sells all these and more at the website  which you can find here

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