Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Maui Toys Review

Maui Toys, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Brian D. Kessler who sought to bring vibrant fashion, versatile function and evolving style together to set a standard for unique toys in a competitive market. Maui Toys catapulted into the toy industry spotlight with the worldwide patented Wave Hoop®. Integrated with water to make hooping easier than ever before and covered in striking colors and eye-catching designs, the Wave Hoop® broke Maui into the forefront of the toy market.

As a manufacturer and distributor of spring and summer activity toys worldwide, their core business is outdoor sports related toys that encourage children to be active. Now, setting standards yet again, Maui is reinventing the ball with Sky Ball® showing continual effort and success at raising the bar for the company as a whole and the toy industry in general. In addition, Maui Toys leads the competitors with a wide range of Impulse Toys that add the magic of light and sound to a variety of nostalgic toys from our past. Corporate Headquarters are located in Youngstown, Ohio with sales in Los Angeles, California, and an office in Hong Kong. With an innovative design, tenacious sales and creative marketing team, Maui Toys continually endeavors to stay one step ahead of the competitors.

Maui Toys Sky Ball (colors May Vary)

Skyball, the highest bouncing ball ever made!
Bounce it Straight up and it goes up to 75 feet in the air! That's 4 times higher than a basketball, 5 times higher than a play ball, and 3 times higher than a tennis ball! That's even higher than a 1.5 inch superball. Only maybe flubber bounces higher (which by the way doesn't really exist).

I can not count how many times we have been in a store and I have seen the Skyballs, made by Maui toys. I never thought to pick one up and play with it, and I make it a point to not allow my kids to play with things in the store either. I am so sorry we missed out on the fun, for so long. The Skyball bounces really high, and for the life of me I have no idea what makes it soar so high, but I guess that is what makes them so awesome. I also love the fact that when the kids throw them in the house they are light enough to not break anything. 
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