Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scented Shoe Laces Review

When kids start wearing tie shoes, they sometimes complaint hey aren't as fun as velcro shoes. Most kids shoes are designed on the sides and have boring white or black laces. I was thrilled to see something fun for my kids. Not only are they colorful and fun but they smell good to. Scented Shoelaces. They offer some adorable designs, as well as some very interesting ones.  I think my favorite ones are 

Chocolate Sweets
Although Chocolate shoelaces...  it could be bad, every time you put on your shoes you crave chocolate that could throw a diet right out the window.
These are awesome, bright colors and they smell like real fortune cookies.   yummy
How cute are these? I love them I know my daughters would to.
Gum anyone?

These would make a great stocking stuffers this holiday season. These are only a couple designs that are offered. Check Out Scented Shoelaces today.

Each Pair is $5.00 and although that is more then I would normally pay for shoe laces even I have a pair of these in my shoes.

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